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Alternative Funeral Solutions

Alternative Funeral Solutions

Alternative Funeral Solutions

IRHULUPHELO FUNERAL SERVICES trading as ALTERNATIVE FUNERAL SOLUTIONS was formed in 2003, striving for excellence and together they grew the company through hard work and diligence.

Since its inception it has being a fast growing business and the well known trade name in Mpumalanga, Ekurhuleni and Pretoria.

In the period of seventeen years of trading, we managed to open 8 branches in Mpumalanga, 2 in Pretoria and 2 Ekurhuleni, Spring CBD.


We managed to assist our Government with job creation since we have employed 53 employees, and growing number of part time ones, we also have contract with seven local Catering Companies who also employs their number of employees under our name.

Our Mission Statement:

Through continual training and motivation of our staff, we will provide top quality service to our clients far beyond funeral. Committed to pursuit Excellency, putting our clients first, respect for all cultures relating to the dead and provide a dignified burial to all our people. Taking every funeral as an opportunity to serve rather than a right.

Our Vision:

We aspire to set up number of financially independent company branches by year 2025 to be an alternative funeral company in the funeral industry. To be guided by the knowledge from time to time that we will acquire in order to revolutionize the funeral industry and exposed to solid principle of handling success.

Alternative Funeral Solutions

Alternative Funeral Solutions







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